Wrike Affiliate Program 

A sol­id source of pas­sive income.
Get up to $300 per sale. 


Affil­i­ates reg­is­tered


Com­mis­sions paid out

3 years

Of suc­cess

How does it work


Sign Up for the Wrike affil­i­ate pro­gram and get a unique refer­ral link.


Place a ban­ner on your site or add a link to your blog. When peo­ple click your link, a 90-days cook­ie will be attrib­uted to them.


When your refer­ral starts a paid sub­scrip­tion, you’ll get a com­mis­sion from $100 to $300 depend­ing on the sub­scrip­tion type.

Grow your income with the Wrike Affiliate Program

  • With one-time com­mis­sion you don’t have to depend on refer­ral behav­ior or churn. 
  • It’s free to join: you pay noth­ing even if you take a break in pro­mot­ing Wrike. 
  • Long cook­ie peri­od increas­es your chances to con­vert your traf­fic.
  • No min­i­mum thresh­old for mon­ey with­draw­al.

What we offer

Attrac­tive com­mis­sions

You’ll get $100 for each cus­tomer that starts a paid Pro­fes­sion­al sub­scrip­tion, $200 for each paid Busi­ness account, and $300 for each paid Enter­prise account. The ver­i­fi­ca­tion peri­od is 45 days. We pay com­mis­sions twice per month via Pay­Pal with no min­i­mum thresh­old.

Pow­er­ful trust­ed app

Wrike is a pop­u­lar project col­lab­o­ra­tion app with a rapid­ly grow­ing cus­tomer base. It was named “Cool Ven­dor” by Gart­ner, “Win­ter 2015 Leader” by G2Crowd, and con­stant­ly receives high rat­ings on the top review sites.
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High qual­i­ty pro­mo mate­ri­als

By join­ing our affil­i­ate pro­gram you’ll get access to our best pro­mo­tion­al mate­ri­als with above-aver­age indus­try CTRs. They were devel­oped and test­ed spe­cial­ly for the affil­i­ate pro­gram to help you gen­er­ate even more leads.

Monetize your online presence

  • If you need help, your per­son­al Affil­i­ate
    man­agers will be there to give you a hand. 
  • We are always hap­py to give reg­u­lar per­for­mance incen­tives.
  • Get up to $300 per sale (depend­ing on the referred account pur­chase).
  • High qual­i­ty prod­uct to pro­mote: Wrike is a pop­u­lar project col­lab­o­ra­tion app with a rapid­ly grow­ing cus­tomer base and high rat­ings on top review sites.
Become a Wrike affil­i­ate

Main rules for Wrike Affiliates

Please Do:

  • Use any pro­mo mate­ri­als from the affil­i­ate por­tal and request miss­ing mate­ri­als.
  • Place your affil­i­ate link in any kind of Wrike review or ven­dor com­par­i­son that reflects your opin­ion.
  • Pro­mote Wrike on your social media chan­nels.
  • Place approved Wrike ban­ners on your site and remove them any time. 
  • Access real-time reports on gen­er­at­ed tri­als, paid sub­scrip­tions, and com­mis­sions earned — even from your mobile device. 
  • Ask for sup­port and best prac­tices from Wrike Affil­i­ate team at affiliates@team.wrike.com.

Please Don’t:

  • Use your affil­i­ate link on a coupon, pro­mo, or deal site as well as adult, dat­ing or any site that pro­motes ille­gal con­tent.
  • Pro­mote Wrike via Paid Search Place­ment in any search engine. 
  • Use «Wrike» in your domain/personal brand­ing.
  • Use your own ban­ners pro­mot­ing Wrike with­out approval. 
  • Refer your own account to get com­mis­sions.
  • Send your refer­ral links in unso­licit­ed mail batch­es.


What happens if the visitor on my site clicks the affiliate link but doesn’t start a trial immediately?

When peo­ple click your link they get a 90 day cook­ie which means that we will be able to iden­ti­fy them for 90 days. If they start a tri­al any time dur­ing this peri­od, we’ll be able to attribute this lead to you unless cook­ie is cleared.

What is a cookie?

Cook­ies are small pieces of text infor­ma­tion stored in your brows­er. They serve as an iden­ti­fi­er of a&nbspcertain action. The affil­i­ate mar­ket­ing cook­ies con­tain the affil­i­ate ID, so if&nbspthe client starts a tri­al dur­ing the cook­ie length after click­ing the affil­i­ate link, the con­ver­sion is attrib­uted to the affil­i­ate. In Wrike, the cook­ie length is 90 days.

What are the conditions to succeed with Wrike Affiliate Program?

You have to have a web­site, blog, or social media chan­nel with high traf­fic and qual­i­ty design. You are writ­ing about busi­ness, project man­age­ment, team­work, pro­duc­tiv­i­ty, or soft­ware. You have to have at least a basic under­stand­ing of affil­i­ate mar­ket­ing.

Do you have promo materials in other languages?

Yes we have ban­ners in Russ­ian, Ital­ian, Span­ish, Japan­ese, Ger­man, and French. Oth­er lan­guages are avail­able on request.

I don’t have a PayPal, is there any other way to get commissions?

We can pay your com­mis­sions via Pay­Pal only. It’s free to start a Pay­Pal account and doesn’t take much time.

What are the main mistakes of Wrike affiliates?

The num­ber one mis­take is for­get­ting to add their affil­i­ate link when they men­tion Wrike. In this case, we can’t attribute leads com­ing from that account to them and com­mis­sions may be lost. The sec­ond mis­take is pro­mot­ing Wrike to the wrong audi­ence. To suc­ceed in any affil­i­ate pro­gram, you should choose prod­ucts that fit your audi­ence. Oth­er­wise, your vis­i­tors may feel con­fused with the offers you pro­mote.

Can I promote Wrike via Google ads?

No, no PPC bids are allowed. 

Are you a busi­ness coach or con­sul­tant? Please take a look at Wrike’s part­ner pro­gram.