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Freedom to focus on your creativity with a solution that incorporates Wrike's Extension for Adobe® Creative Cloud® and takes care of the administrative necessities of creative projects from request management to review & approval

Wrike Benefit
Ideate & Plan

It all starts with an idea, a request that transforms into the brief that sparks your creative journey. Easily assign, schedule and balance your team's project management workload.

Wrike Benefit
Create & Perfect

Bring inspiration to life with the Adobe® Creative Cloud® Extension to read, reply, add comments, upload and version files right inside your favorite tools.

Wrike Benefit
Review & Approve

Clear and actionable online proofing and feedback from everywhere you work (desktop or mobile) ensures only the right digital files make it out the door, while maintaining clear approval trails.

Wrike Benefit
Launch & Report

Deliver your creative vision on time with custom workflows to maximize team satisfaction and reports to track performance.

With everything contained in Wrike, we were able to leverage Wrike’s functionality to increase the quality of our assets across the board, make sure they were consistent, and also see where we were being efficient.

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Hoon Kim

Creative Production Manager

Brilliant Features
for Creative Teams

  • Request Management & Forms
    Request Management & Forms
  • Adobe® Creative Cloud® Extension
    Adobe® Creative Cloud® Extension
  • Proofing & Approval (Images & Video)
    Proofing & Approval (Images & Video)
  • Resource & Workload Management
    Resource & Workload Management
  • Document Versioning
    Document Versioning
  • Project Templates
    Project Templates
  • Time Tracking & Budgeting
    Time Tracking & Budgeting
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When we're looking at 150 jobs a month, and trying to imagine how we're going to accomplish getting all those jobs done, and how to organize them all — I can't imagine how we would do it without a solution like Wrike.

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Jason Resch

VP of Creative Services