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Procurify — purchasing software startup located in Richmond, Canada.

Eugene Dong

Co-founder & CTO Procurify

Andy Hsiung

Development Lead Procurify

Carol Huang

Customer Success

Their story

Other solutions gave unclear visibility resulting in missed deadlines

Consistent processes and total visibility are hard to achieve in a startup. At a fast-growing startup like Procurify, it was becoming nearly impossible. Employees were overloaded with tasks, there was a lack of clear prioritization and consistency, and teams weren't able to look up and see the big picture on important projects. The team would hold sprints where they group tasks together that could be accomplished in two weeks. Then they would try to measure their progress during that two week time period. However, the lack of visibility across all departments affected their planning and eventually led to missed deadlines.

They tried various softwares to manage teamwork and gain visibility. "We tried a lot of different systems — Asana, Basecamp, Jira, and Google Docs," says Eugene Dong, Co-Founder and CTO at Procurify. "The systems worked for the team itself, but if we required cross-team communication, it was really difficult. We needed a tool that could expose the project progress, the timeline, and the deadlines to other teams in order to achieve effective delivery."

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By having a central tool to manage the whole process, we're able to actually see what individuals are doing and if it completely matches our company goals.

Eugene Dong,

Co-Founder and CTO, Procurify

All departments were working on different platforms, making it even more difficult to see who was doing what. "We knew a department was doing a project, but we weren't really sure where they were right at that moment, when their deadline was, etc." says Carol Huang, who works in Customer Success at Procurify. They desperately needed a tool giving all departments the ability to coordinate cross-team on one platform and track project statuses easily, so they could meet deadlines on time.

Wrike is definitely a value-added tool for your company because as you scale, no matter the size of your company, Wrike has a way to bend and be flexible enough for daily usage.

Andy Hsiung

Development Lead, Procurify

Their victory

Wrike's transparency made it easy to track tasks, saving 20% of the time they previously spent managing and planning sprints

The team at Procurify decided to switch to Wrike when an important deliverable missed its final deadline. "It went way overboard and we couldn't achieve the proper coordination that we needed as a company," says Andy Hsiung, Development Lead at Procurify. "We found that Jira did not give us enough visibility into the company's progress, timeline, and deadlines that we needed to coordinate with multiple departments."

Since switching to Wrike, deadlines are now completed on time, sprints run smoothly, and task visibility has been restored across the company. "I think since we've implemented Wrike, individually we've all saved at least 6 hours a week by cutting out all those extra coordination meetings we were holding," says Dong.

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Procurify has been able to tighten up sprint schedules using Wrike, as well as expose and align initiatives across all departments. The team has eliminated at least 20% of the time they used to spend managing sprints and roadmaps, and they've saved 50% of the time previously spent on documentation by putting everything in Wrike."Before, we would have a lot of meetings and discussions on what we were doing," says Dong. "Once we got Wrike, we were actually able to see into every department, including what individuals were doing, and if they were busy — without scheduling a meeting."

Their superpowers

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Gantt Chart

Wrike's Gantt Chart (Timeline View) solves one of the biggest problems at Procurify. It provides a high-level view of ongoing projects and upcoming deadlines. "The Timeline has been an important tool, as Jira couldn't do the same without add-ons," says Hsiung. Now, they successfully evaluate their workload and the workload of other departments when planning new projects.

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Customizable Dashboards

With the Dashboard feature, the Procurify team is easily able to organize their workflows into a virtual Kanban board. Here, they can drag-and-drop tasks to see the status of any ongoing project. "Just this morning, Wrike showed us how to save filters on a Dashboard and all morning I've been creating Dashboards and sharing them with the team," says Hsiung. "This tool has created so much value for us already by surfacing issues we weren't able to see before."

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Instant Notifications

Any updates, edits, and changes made to a task are immediately sent to the team via email. There is no confusion on deadlines or task statuses since it's all in Wrike. "If there are any updates, we get notified immediately,"says Huang. "It's now so much easier to do our daily scrums because everyone is aware of how many tickets are still left open."

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