How Wrike Supports SurveyMonkey's Mission to Power the Curious

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Lydia Baillergeau

Senior Art Director of Video

SurveyMonkey is the world’s leading People Powered Data platform founded in 1999 and based in San Mateo, California.

Their story

Juggling multiple videos a month called for a tool that could streamline production schedules and consolidate communication.

Curiosity fuels SurveyMonkey's business and drives its continuous growth. People trust this survey industry pioneer to express their true feelings and opinions, and organizations — get actionable insights to uncover the “why” behind the data.

SurveyMonkey’s goal is to enable curious individuals and companies — including 100% of the Fortune 500 — to have conversations at scale with the people who matter most. As the Senior Art Director of Video at SurveyMonkey, Lydia Baillergeau leads the video team in helping make this vision come to life.

"Our mission is to power the curious," says Baillergeau. "SurveyMonkey is where curious people come to grow, and because of that, curiosity is something that's fostered, accepted, and encouraged company-wide."

As SurveyMonkey’s business keeps accelerating, its in-house video production team manages an increasing number of projects and priorities at the same time. Baillergeau was looking for a tool to help prioritize, schedule, and scale video projects.

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Wrike enables my team to deliver all of our projects on time and with a standard of excellence, and for me that's really everything.

Lydia Baillergeau

Senior Art Director of Video

"Video's an intrinsically complex process," says Baillergeau. "There are many steps involved in creating a compelling video story. From the creative kickoff meeting, to designing storyboards, shooting and editing footage, there are many review cycles. A comprehensive project management and collaboration tool helps ensure that we complete projects on time while juggling multiple priorities."

Just having the ability to communicate production schedules all in a tool is really incredible. Wrike’s value is in simplifying planning and production and that makes my job easier.

Lydia Baillergeau

Senior Art Director of Video

Their victory

Wrike brought total transparency to key stakeholders so the video team has the support they need to be successful.

Baillergeau searched for a tool robust enough to create clear project schedules with tight deadlines, but also flexible enough to fit within their unique workflow. She chose Wrike because it gave her total control over everything involved in producing a video while also providing stakeholders with visibility into production schedules.

Baillergeau now kicks off every new project in Wrike, so all relevant information is stored in one place and is easily accessible.

"My team works with lots of different areas of the business at SurveyMonkey," says Baillergeau. "Any project starts with a video creative brief that we ask stakeholders to fill out. From there, we schedule an initial kickoff meeting where we talk through the brief, goals, and objectives. The very next thing that I do is build the schedule in Wrike with all the milestones that will carry us through to the end of the project."

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Aside from having total transparency and organized production schedules, Baillergeau believes the ability to evaluate the success of a project is what's truly invaluable for her team. With Wrike, she is able to look back on a project and use data about how long it took to complete a project to determine what changes should be made in future productions.

"Since curiosity is really a key tenet of who we are, being able to surface the data that is available in Wrike on the duration of each project and my team’s work capacity is very important for us," says Baillergeau. "We're able to take those data insights and optimize the flow for future projects, use the data to make better informed decisions.

Their superpowers

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Automates Recurring Work With Templates

Baillergeau uses Templates for replicating workflows everyday to save her time. "Since video is such a complex process, some projects might have over 20 subtasks. It’s very helpful to have a template where I don't have to create every single little task. This is a feature I take advantage of daily,” says Baillergeau.

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Improves Workload Visibility Using Dashboards

Gauging the bandwidth on a team can be hard without visibility into their workload. Baillergeau uses Dashboards to quickly glance at who has capacity to take something on. "Having the transparency and visibility into my team's workload in one place helps me in planning current and future projects and timelines," says Baillergeau.

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Easy Access to the Latest Files

Lost data is almost expected when communicating through email. That's why Baillergeau stores all her files in Wrike, and uses the versioning tool so the latest version is always at her fingertips. "It's very convenient to have this kind of central repository for a project and review files right in the tool,” says Baillergeau.

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