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Transform Work with Wrike’s Industry-Leading Features

Named a Forrester leader, Wrike’s extensive features maximize performance, accelerate growth, and improve customer experience.

Work as One

Customize tools for any team

Customize tools for any team

Wrike is designed to equip any team with the exact tools they need. Customize dashboards, workflows, request forms, and more.

Enable better collaboration

Enable better collaboration

Share files, tasks, and reports instantly. Shorten your feedback process with visual proofing and automated approval systems.

Gain 360° visibility instantly

Gain 360° visibility instantly

Eliminate silos with unparalleled visibility across departments. Find information quickly and make decisions in real-time.

Trust in scalable software

Trust in scalable software

Wrike provides the tools your teams need for future growth. Set up your teams for success and instill best practices across your entire organization.

Work Your Way With Custom Item Types
Mirror your team business processes in Wrike with terminology that best reflects your team's culture and work style. Meet the specific and unique needs of your team by customizing work types, workflows, automated processes, and more — making work easy to recognize and understand. Best of all, automating your daily routines and team-specific workflows is easier than ever with our no-code business logic tools.

Fine-tune for your teams’ exact needs

Customize the Wrike features you need to streamline your intake, schedule projects, and see priorities clearly:


Interactive Gantt charts

Visualize plans and progress with Gantt charts. Create dependencies and use a simple drag-and-drop interface.


Kanban boards

Enable Agile teams with shareable Kanban boards to progress at every stage. Organize tasks by due date.


Purpose-built templates

Use Wrike’s pre-built workflows to speed up projects like event management, product delivery, and onboarding.

Utilize custom request forms
Simplify your intake with custom request forms that gather details and auto-create and auto-assign tasks to the right teams. Dynamically branch questions and route requests based on rules you create, giving your team all the info they need without having to ask again and again.

Collaborate with context

Keep due dates clear and shorten your feedback loop in order to fast-track approvals with these Wrike features:


Visual proofing

Ensure feedback doesn't get lost with visual proofing. Keep a detailed record of changes and tag people as needed.


Digital publishing

Streamline the publishing process and save time on every campaign with Wrike’s digital asset management.

wrike's calendars

Shared team calendars

Keep due dates for approvals crystal clear, and ensure calendars always include the latest information.

Automate your approval process
Most tasks go through similar stages before completion – build a path for yours so the right people are auto-assigned and notified when a task is ready for their approval. Save time emailing and attaching files – everything will be ready for their immediate sign-off.

Get 360° visibility on effort and outcomes

Utilize these Wrike features to showcase progress to stakeholders and to maximize efficiency:

portfolio management

Project portfolio management

Connect strategy to execution in one intuitive, collaborative platform using Wrike’s project portfolio management.

wrike's Time tracking

Time tracking

Track time manually or with a timer to focus on billable hours. Use intuitive time tracking to streamline invoices.


Advanced analytics

Visualize progress and team performance with real-time insights from our business intelligence solution.


Online to-do list for work

How can you keep track of your action items? Create an online to-do list with Wrike.


Invoicing software

Struggling to manage your online invoicing? Simplify your financial tasks with Wrike’s easy-to-use billing software.

Share progress with dashboards
Create 360° visibility across your organization with customizable dashboards you can share with stakeholders. Get a detailed overview of workloads, pin important to-dos, follow important tasks, and choose exactly what you want to see to keep a close eye on progress.

Drive growth with smart automation

Turn strategy into results and move your teams forward with Wrike features including integrations, resource management, and top-level security:

wrike integrate

400+ app integrations

Create one central hub with every tool you use – Wrike offers 400+ integrations with leading software providers.


Resource management

Better balance workloads with easy-to-use resource management and automated insights.

wrike lock

Enterprise-grade security

Use smart automation to protect your data including role-based access, single-sign-on, and encryption key ownership.

Incorporate automated workflows
Wrike is designed to minimize the time spent on repetitive tasks. Personalize your workflows by automating them with 400+ tools – create a path whereby each process is kick-started without manual intervention. Notify the right people and accelerate tasks at every stage.
Work smarter with Work Intelligence™
Harness the power of AI and experience the future of work with Wrike’s Work Intelligence™ software. Accelerate results through smart automation and project risk prediction. Use advanced communication tools such as voice commands and smart replies, and document processing.