Marketing Project Management Guide

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The Ultimate Guide to Marketing Project Management

The words marketing project often conjure up images of printed fliers stuffed in the daily paper or an ad exec perfecting ad copy. But marketing project management includes far more than fliers and ads. Marketing project management activities are intertwined with the core of every business, whether you offer a product or a service. Long before any ads are written and long after fliers are printed, marketing teams are hard at work maximizing ways to reach customers and clients. 

Marketing project management involves researching market opportunities, strategizing projects to increase market share and maximize profit, and then planning and implementing those strategies in ways that will help the company achieve its goals. But this process can be riddled with bottlenecks, inefficiencies, and process breakdowns. 28% of marketers in one survey cited “lack of strategy” as their top concern, with a further 25% naming “limited internal resources” as an obstacle. 

Marketing project managers have an extensive remit when it comes to executing projects, managing campaigns, and planning events. This requires in-depth knowledge of customer profiles and behaviors and a bank of potential ways to reach them — from email marketing to content marketing, social media marketing, and event marketing. These campaigns require long-range planning, ease of approvals between departments, and retrospective performance analysis of each step.

With such varied responsibilities, marketing project managers and their teams need all the help they can get to ensure that appropriate data is collected and analyzed, marketing strategies are chosen and implemented, and results are studied to inform future marketing projects.

That’s why we’ve put together this comprehensive marketing management guide to give you a solid foundation in marketing program management concepts, terms, strategies, and tools. 

From creating your marketing team to designing your marketing project management plan, you’ll learn exactly what successful project management in marketing requires. We’ll also provide you with resources from our Wrike blogs, ebooks, videos, and infographics. We know our Wrike marketing management guide will set you up for marketing success.

What's in the Marketing Project Management Guide?

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