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Exceed customer expectations with our easy-to-use marketing project management solution

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Get real-time visibility into everything your team is working on

Use Reports to track project and team performance or the Workload view to see who has bandwidth for the next project, while Gantt Chart displays your projects visually to easily see dependencies

Wrike Benefit
Coordinate Across Teams

Break down team silos. Set up workflows for projects to notify task owners when they should begin work. Reduce miscommunication and mistakes when everyone has transparency into work.

Wrike Benefit
Develop Campaign Assets

The campaign development process requires collaboration and teamwork. Live editing, threaded comments, document sharing and versioning simplify collaboration and reduce rework.

Wrike Benefit
Manage Events, Campaigns and Launches

Deliver marketing programs on time with less stress. Get plans out of your head so you don't lose track. For your next campaign, duplicate the template and you're ready to go.

With Wrike, I am able to track and monitor all of my projects in one place. If asked about one of my projects, I can instantly go into Wrike and give them an update within 30 seconds.

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Lisa Matthews

Project Manager

Mighty Features for Marketing
and Creative Teams

  • Intake Forms
    Intake Forms
  • Proofing & Approval (Images & Video)
    Proofing & Approval (Images & Video)
  • Resource & Workload Management
    Resource & Workload Management
  • Project Templates
    Project Templates
  • Document Versioning
    Document Versioning
  • Time Tracking & Budgeting
    Time Tracking & Budgeting
  • Visual Dashboards & Reporting
    Visual Dashboards & Reporting
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Wrike takes things to another level. Keeping track of every detail and every task to ensure all elements are in place on launch day was a challenge; Wrike enables us to do it more accurately, thereby decreasing our costs.

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Meredith Selden

Director of Process Integration