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Product management describes the research, development, positioning, and support of a product over the course of its life cycle. Product management is a critical business function that enables organizations to identify opportunities for growth and build customer-centric solutions and platforms. 

Software product management, in particular, involves delivering products that bring value to or solve a particular problem or pain point for an end-user. In this way, product management marries the technical aspects of development with an understanding of the market, its trends, and how the product fulfills business needs. For product managers, valuable research and insights are often essential to understanding customer needs and requirements. 

In this guide, we’ll cover some product management basics, including the ins and outs of key roles like product manager and product owner. We’ll also touch on the ways artifacts like product roadmaps, backlogs, and requirements documentation help set short and long-term priorities for successful product teams. 

In our FAQ section, you’ll learn about product management strategy, the top product management skills to have, and the difference between roles like product manager vs. technical product manager

Read our full guide for an introduction to product management and discover terms and vocabulary definitions in our glossary that will further build your understanding.

What's in the Product Management Guide?

What Is Product Management?What Is Product Management?

What Is Product Management?

Discover the basics of product management

What Is a Software Product?What Is a Software Product?

What Is a Software Product?

The software development process

Software Product ManagerSoftware Product Manager

Software Product Manager

Software product manager role and responsibilities

Product OwnerProduct Owner

Product Owner

What is a product owner? Roles and skills explained

Product Life CycleProduct Life Cycle

Product Life Cycle

The ultimate guide to the product life cycle

Product RoadmapProduct Roadmap

Product Roadmap

Create a high-level product plan

Product Management Software and ToolsProduct Management Software and Tools

Product Management Software and Tools

Discover the best product management software

Product BacklogProduct Backlog

Product Backlog

How to groom your backlog for product success

Product Management OKRsProduct Management OKRs

Product Management OKRs

Set effective product management OKRs

Product Requirements DocumentsProduct Requirements Documents

Product Requirements Documents

Everything you need to know about PRDs

Product Management Metrics and KPIsProduct Management Metrics and KPIs

Product Management Metrics and KPIs

How to understand product success

Product AnalyticsProduct Analytics

Product Analytics

Track, interpret, and analyze customer behaviour

Lean Product ManagementLean Product Management

Lean Product Management

Doing more with less

Product Management ResourcesProduct Management Resources

Product Management Resources

Learn more about product management

Product Management TemplatesProduct Management Templates

Product Management Templates

Streamline your product management



Find answers to your product management questions

Product Management GlossaryProduct Management Glossary

Product Management Glossary

Learn more about product management terminology