Project Management Guide

The Ultimate Introduction to Project Management Fundamentals

Welcome to the Project Management Guide by Wrike

Project management can be defined as the actual process of creating, organizing, and executing a plan in order to achieve business objectives. It’s actually a vast subject covering a wide variety of topics.

Here at Wrike, we’re ardent about project management because it’s what our software was created for. But we recognize that some people may be coming into project management entirely by circumstance and may need assistance with concepts and terminologies.

We’ve put together helpful original content to introduce you to project management ideas, terms, and even provide you with strategies and best practices. We’ve also linked to the abundance of articles on the Wrike blog to provide you with further reading, as well as videos and infographics surrounding project management.

Feel free to browse the navigation menu and read what interests you. Or simply click, “read next” to continue to the next section.

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