Easy and efficient project scheduling software

Dynamic timeline™ is a visual tool that gives you a real-time, birds-eye view of the project. Powerful, yet extremely easy to use.

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An ideal plan is a quickly adjustable one, right?

This way, Wrike’s online scheduling software helps your team always stay on course and get more things done together!
That’s why Wrike, full-featured project management software,
makes it incredibly easy for you to:
  • Schedule plans on an interactive timeline
  • Update schedules with a couple of mouse clicks
  • Track changes in real time and optimize the team’s schedules easily

The smart way to schedule your projects

Wrike is powerful, yet easy-to-use scheduling software.
It’s extensive set of features will be a great asset to anyone looking for a smart and more efficient way to get all things done.

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It will take you just a couple of mouse motions to:

  • Schedule tasks through the task list or directly on the Gantt chart and discuss plans in real time
  • Track schedule changes in the Activity Stream and via e-mail notifications
  • Integrate e-mails with your tasks into your project schedules
  • Share project schedules with teams, clients and partners
  • Update project schedules with a quick drag-and-drop
  • Create task constraints and dependencies

6 ways to become a project scheduling
guru with Wrike

Review schedules on the Gantt chart

The timeline (Gantt chart) is a perfect tool for visualizing your schedules and getting a bird’s-eye view of the projects. In Wrike, the Gantt chart provides you with all the details of your projects’ schedules, such as milestones, date constraints and task dependencies.

Track all schedule changes

Our web-based scheduling software allows you to easily update your schedules with a quick drag-and-drop and track the progress in the real-time Activity Stream. Whenever the schedule is changed by anyone on your team, others are instantly notified about this online and via e-mail.

Avoid schedule conflicts

One glance at Wrike’s workload view is enough to clearly see how assignments are distributed among your team members. Detected a schedule conflict? With Wrike’s scheduling software it’s not a problem! Simply drag-and-drop tasks between the team members to optimize the workload.

Manage multiple projects’ schedules

In Wrike, you may choose to share a project’s schedules with your team, partners or even clients. It’s up to you whether to share a single task’s schedule or the whole workspace. This selective data sharing helps you manage multiple schedules in your Wrike account and provide your team with all the important information while avoiding cluttering their workspaces.

Integrate emails with your schedules

Our online scheduling software makes the routine of tracking sent e-mails with tasks easy and efficient. Just CC e-mails to Wrike, and they will be automatically integrated with the project’s schedules! For all Outlook users, Wrike has created a special productivity booster: an add-in that provides a two-way sync for your schedules in Wrike and Outlook.

Keep your schedules flexible

With Wrike, you’ll feel comfortable managing even complex schedules. This web-based scheduling software enables you to duplicate projects, add multiple subprojects, move a task between projects, place one task in several projects and overall organize your tasks the way that suits you best.

Thousands of managers have already recognized
Wrike as the best scheduling software

Ciaran Rogers

Marketing manager, UKSA

Wrike has a fantastic visual timeline element, which makes life so much easier!

Daniel Schneider

Senior project manager, Secondred Newmedia

When I reschedule a task on the timeline, all the team members see it in real time. With Wrike, plan changes are no longer a headache.

Gunter Hildebrands

Managing Partner,
Hildebrands GmbH

Wrike’s neat timeline is perfect for a quick and well-arranged overview of all the projects.