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Wrike Templates

Wrike’s powerful templates make managing projects easier than ever. Dive in to our categories to simplify complex processes, save time, and improve collaboration.

<h5>Marketing<br class="softbreak"></h5><h5>Marketing<br class="softbreak"></h5>
<h5>IT & Engineering</h5><h5>IT & Engineering</h5>
IT & Engineering
<h5>Project Management</h5><h5>Project Management</h5>
Project Management
<h5>Professional Services</h5><h5>Professional Services</h5>
Professional Services

Featured Marketing templates

<h5>Event Management</h5><h5>Event Management</h5>
Event Management
<h5>Marketing Campaign</h5><h5>Marketing Campaign</h5>
Marketing Campaign

Featured Professional Services templates

<h5>Actionable Meeting Notes</h5><h5>Actionable Meeting Notes</h5>
Actionable Meeting Notes
<h5>Professional Services Management</h5><h5>Professional Services Management</h5>
Professional Services Management
<h5>Contract Management</h5><h5>Contract Management</h5>
Contract Management

Featured Creative templates

<h5>Creative Brief</h5><h5>Creative Brief</h5>
Creative Brief
<h5>Creative Asset Production</h5><h5>Creative Asset Production</h5>
Creative Asset Production
<h5>Proofing and Approvals</h5><h5>Proofing and Approvals</h5>
Proofing and Approvals

Featured Agile templates

<h5>Kanban Project</h5><h5>Kanban Project</h5>
Kanban Project
<h5>Agile Teamwork</h5><h5>Agile Teamwork</h5>
Agile Teamwork
<h5>Sprint Planning</h5><h5>Sprint Planning</h5>
Sprint Planning

Featured Operations templates

<h5>Incoming Requests and Approvals</h5><h5>Incoming Requests and Approvals</h5>
Incoming Requests and Approvals
<h5>Business Process Management</h5><h5>Business Process Management</h5>
Business Process Management
<h5>Employee Onboarding and Offboarding</h5><h5>Employee Onboarding and Offboarding</h5>
Employee Onboarding and Offboarding

Featured IT & Engineering Templates

<h5>IT Service Management</h5><h5>IT Service Management</h5>
IT Service Management
<h5>Ticketing and Helpdesk</h5><h5>Ticketing and Helpdesk</h5>
Ticketing and Helpdesk
<h5>IT Risk Assessment</h5><h5>IT Risk Assessment</h5>
IT Risk Assessment
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<p>Ready to try Wrike templates?</p>