Wrike's Dynamic Timeline™ turns your emails straight into tasks and interactive timelines!

Dynamic Timeline™ is a visual tool that gives you a real-time, birds-eye view of the project. Powerful, yet extremely easy to use.

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Wrike's Dynamic Timeline™ features

Have a 1,000-Foot View of Your Project

If you want project management software that incorporates the most advanced features on the market, then Wrike, with its unique Dynamic Timeline™, is what you need! It automatically turns your emails into project plans and supports drag-and-drop control to make scheduling easier than ever. Wrike’s Dynamic Timeline™ allows all team members to see a real-time, 1,000-foot view of the project.

Easily Transfer Emails to Timeline

Wrike’s Dynamic Timeline is a very powerful tool, which will help you save a lot of time by reducing the amount of secretarial work you have to do! Wrike transforms your emails straight into tasks, and Wrike’s Dynamic Timeline automatically adds those tasks straight into a timeline, without you doing any work! All you need to do is to CC your email with a task to wrike@wrike.com , and it will be available on the Dynamic Timeline within seconds.

Save Time on Scheduling

Are you tired of extremely difficult and inconvenient project management applications? Wrike’s Dynamic Timeline is so intuitive and easy to use that you don’t need any additional training to use it. Thanks to advanced Web 2.0 technologies, Wrike’s Dynamic Timeline has drag-and-drop support. You can change a task’s start and end date, or create milestones and dependencies right on the timeline with a couple of mouse clicks!

See Updates in Real Time

Make sure no one is left behind! With Wrike's Dynamic Timeline, you can be sure that everyone on the project has the most recent data. Everybody on your team can see all the changes in the data online! With the Dynamic Timeline, you don't even have to refresh the page!

Build Cross-Project Timelines

Wrike's Dynamic Timeline has a unique feature that cannot be done with any other timeline software. Wrike is the only tool that can show cross-project charts, so you can see the whole picture and avoid any clashes between projects.

With Wrike’s Dynamic Timeline every team member has a clear vision of the project status. I always aware of the latest changes in the project and each team member can update his part of the workload at any time. We love Wrike for this!

Jean-Philippe Landry

Project Manager, EPM’s Formula SAE team

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